Kunzea Essential Oil

kunzea essential oil

Kunzea Essential Oil

Derived from  Kunzea ambigua , Kunzea Essential Oil,  is a wild-growing plant in North-East Tasmania.

Also known as White Cloud Kunzea is a tallish shrub, attaining a height of up to 3 metres. Having prolific white or pink flowers, it is endemic to the coolest coastal areas of Australia.

Kunzea Essential Oil Composition

Kunzea essential oil has a very individual  composition, including a high levels of sesquiterpene (anti-inflammatory) compounds.

Relatively new to the essential oil world, more information about it can be found here

Some exciting trials have been conducted in Tasmania with a cream using this essential oil for Greasy Heel.

A total of 22 horses with Greasy Heel/Mud Fever participated in the study.

Treated with an ointment containing 20 per cent kunzea oil, 11 of the horses had remarkable results. The remaining 11 animals treated with a cream that contained ketoconazole.

The scientists measured the effectiveness by monitoring the  change in size and severity of the sores before and after treatment for 7 days.

After 7 days, the horses treated with kunzea oil cream-  all cases had improved significantly. More than half cured completely! Control group -two horses cured, two improved, and six no better than when they started. treatment. Previous work by the same researchers has shown that kunzea oil kills Staphylococcus aureus as well as being active against yeasts too. Perhaps this is why our Stay Put Cream is so good killing Thrush in hooves?

Stay Put Cream and Kunzea Oil

Our much loved Stay Put Cream has a mix of wonderful essential oils in it. Numerous reports from clients have confirmed to us that it is very effective against Mud Fever, Queensland Itch Hot Spots, Rain Scald and Greasy Heel. In addition it is deadly against Thrush in deep hard to reach areas such as the central sulcus.

Of course, Kunzea oil is one of the Essential Oils in our Stay Put Soothe Cream.

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