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Natural Horse products

Natural horse products by Good Gear Naturals, made in Australia from all natural ingredients.

Of course, our raw products are locally sourced.

Our Ethic

As to be expected, horse wellness is our priority. Our aim at Good Gear Naturals is to provide effective affordable natural horse products that benefit both the owner and the animal.

This is why our prices for all our natural horse products are so reasonable. We are not in it to make a million bucks. We just want natural horse products that do what they are supposed to. Products that work and that are easy to use for the owner too.

Natural Horse Products – Do they really work?

Definitely. We have some stunning reviews from everyday horse owners just like you that use our natural horse products.

Yes our reviews are legitimate. Every day people just like you and me.

The natural horse products we make speak for themselves with the results we have achieved thus far.

Natural Horse Products – Stay Put Cream

Originally made to treat an ancient thoroughbred with Queensland Itch our Stay Put Soothe Cream has a multitude of other applications.

Treats Thrush, Rain Scald and Mud Fever very effectively.

Of course, natural ingredients such as Zinc, Cold pressed hexane free Castor oil to promote hair growth and soothe skin, as well as only the purest essential oils for fragrance form the base of our fabulous Stay Put Cream.

Natural Horse Products – Hoof Clay

Another of our most popular natural horse products is our Hoof Clay. Made by hand from Australian mineral rich vulcanised clay, raw honey, zinc and pure essential oils for fragrance our Hoof Clay is a labour of love.

Smooth it, roll it, squash it, smear it – it’s easy to use and sticks to hooves.

As to be expected, it smells great as well as killing thrush if applied daily for four days. Naturally, in dryer conditions the clay can stay in for up to a week.

Imparting its bug killing goodness where it is most needed.

Natural Horse Products – Sunscreen Powder

Mineral rich powder that blocks both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Perfect for animals with pink skin.

Use it as make up for white socks and blazes.

Resistant to water and easy to apply.

Plus did we mention how affordable it is?

Less than half the price of a comparable product.

Our Clients Say Wonderful Things About Our Products

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