Mud fever

mud fever

Mud fever

Mud fever is caused by bacteria, in fact the very same bacteria that causes rain scald in horses – Dermatophilis congolensis.

Normally, the skin acts as a protective barrier, preventing micro-organisms from entering the horse’s system . However, in constant wet conditions, the skin can become softened . Entering the skin through insect bites or scratches, the bacteria invades and causes the condition.

Mud fever is a chronic dermatitis. Affecting all breeds of horses, though it is most common in heavy breed horses with feather. Starting often as a small red ulceration of the skin, the sores then grow forming  a crust, hair loss, swelling that oozes and smells bad.

How bad is mud fever?

As with any form of bacterial infection, mud fever can become  very serious very quickly.  Legs can become swollen and very sore. Open sores can become quickly infected. In fact, sometimes the sores can become difficult to heal resulting in permanent hair loss, proud flesh and sometimes even skin grafts.

What is the best way to treat it ?

Good Gear Naturals has a great product called Stay Put Cream which has had amazing results treating this condition.

from  recent reviews-

“Heavy Horse Heaven is a rescue organisation for heavy and heavy cross horses. We had a lovely older mare come in with chronic mud fever that could not be controlled. It was a constant battle to give her relief and shaving her beautiful feather was such a shame.

After using this fantastic cream, we are happy to report that it appears we are finally on top of her problem. Her vet was also very impressed. This is the first time she has had any relief and we are over the moon. Thank you for such a great product !”

“I have a Clydesdale who had both mud fever & was constantly getting new wounds in his feathers from biting insects. I used the ‘Stay Put cream’ and within 24hrs the heat had gone out of the wounds.

It also stopped the bacteria from spreading underneath the feathers & all sores were completely cleared up & hair growing back in a month.

It is the only cream I have used that is able to withstand the Far Nth QLD climate and stay on for 4 days! I have also used the wet clay to treat his minor thrush issues in 2 of his hooves and also got immediate results. Absolutely love these products.”

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