Seedy Toe

seedy toe

Seedy Toe

Seedy Toe is a common ailment that affects hoof health in horses. Also known as White line disease, seedy toe is the separation of the horse’s hoof wall from the underlying laminae at the white line. This results in a hole which fills with particles of dirt, hoof and detritus. Of course the hole in the hoof allows bacteria to enter and is therefore prone to infection.

White line disease or Seedy Toe is fungi, bacteria, or a combination of the two that breaks down the keratin in the inner hoof wall. Considered opportunistic, these organisms breach the horn. Gaining entry through compromised hoof structure, both conditions are very common in laminitis prone equines.

Hoof Structure

The hoof wall  itself has two easily distinguishable layers. The outer wall which grows down from the coronet band. This is the layer of wall that gives each hoof its colour. The outer wall is thicker than the inner wall. The inner wall  is produced by the laminae, attaching the outer wall to the coffin bone. Susceptible to opportunistic bacteria and fungi it is the prime area where the Seedy Toe takes hold.

Preventing Hoof Issues

Keeping feet regularly picked out and clean can assist in avoiding the development of Seedy Toe. Of course, regular trimming is important in treating these conditions. Unfortunately, once Seedy Toe is detected it can take time to treat and eradicate as the hoof wall horn only grows down at a rate of 1cm a month.

Isolated tracks of white line disease are not uncommon.  Naturally, as they are exposed to extreme wear and tear daily, walls and sole junctions in the hooves are occasionally breached.

Packed with all natural bug killing goodies, Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay is a deadly weapon against Seedy Toe and WLD . Easily packed into cavities it will kill existing bacteria and prevent new micro-organisms from entering. Application of the hoof clay is very easy and quick. Naturally, this is brilliant when you have impatient horses to treat.

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